January 27 2019 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

I Did It, You Can Too!

Miri Taub

Suffern, NY

Finishing the 1/2 marathon for the first time with not really having trained was a super awesome experience!! I am a middle-aged social work intern at YACHAD this year, and I went for the challenge.  My biggest motivator was our individuals who have and overcome major challenges in their daily lives.  I wanted to challenge myself, and was extremely hopeful that I would reach the finish line, although I  had major doubts! I WENT FOR IT AND I REACHED THE FINISH LINE OF THE 1/2 MARATHON – 13.1 MILES! I laughed and teared up at the same time!!

Lisa Appelbaum

Bronx, NY

Throughout the entire process, I felt confident in the training emails from Coach Jaz that I would cross the finish line and it was the greatest feeling to finally accomplish what I’d been working so hard for!

Danielle Dorfman

Riverdale, NY

Crossing the finish line for the second time as part of Team Yachad was truly amazing! After running 13.1 miles and crossing the finish line “hand in hand” with my friend, I felt very accomplished and proud knowing that I am supporting a great organization. Running 13.1 miles for Yachad is such an amazing and inspiring experience that I hope to participate in every year.

Tara Gordon

Waltham, MA

It was exhilarating!! I couldn’t think of a better group of people to run my first half marathon!!

Batya Sarna

New York, NY

I was really emotional and was crying a lot.  It was hard to believe that all  my hard work, sponsoring, and training has paid off.  As a second time runner, I thought I would know what to expect, but nothing prepared me for the emotion I felt crossing the fine line. I realized that I loved what I was running for, and even though my legs and arms were aching and I felt ready to sleep for the next day, I would gladly do it again.

Yitzie Selengut

Yad Binyamin, Israel

Was mesmerizing. Very moving. Hopefully NOT a “once in a lifetime” thing.

Aryeh Spiegel

Toronto, ONT

Seeing the blue and orange throughout the race was invigorating. Our team came out in force and were so supportive of each other – from other runners, to the coaches, to the staff – leading to one of the most amazing weekends I’ve ever experienced.

Ruben Leibowitz

Brooklyn, NY

Not being a runner, the experience in finishing as both a relief and an accomplishment. The most important factor that kept me going was the fact that the money was raised for such an important cause. I couldn’t let anyone down.

Eliyahu Ishakis

Cleveland Heights, OH

Crossing the finish line for Yachad felt as though I could do anything. Not only did I just run 13.1 miles, I also raised money for such a fantastic cause. Seeing all the supporters around me just made everything feel so much more amazing.

Mackenzie Taller

Woodmere, NY

While running the race I was obviously tired and some people may think to regret their decision because it definitely is not easy, but the second that finish line comes into view every step you take gets faster. You pose for the cameras and pretend pshh this was nothing! (It was most definitely something) When you step over that line and get your medal, it’s the most rewarding feeling and you can forever say that you finished that race because of an amazing organization like YACHAD.”

Gabriella Herrmann

Teaneck, NJ

From afar I saw the finish line, and the announcer, and everyone with signs cheering “You can do it! Go go!” My heart was racing and I immediately grab my dad’s hand and we cross the finish line, hand in hand. Stepping over the finish line was an amazing feeling. In the middle of the race I thought it would take forever to get to the finish line, and the next thing I know I am there. So now that I did it and I am 13 years old, you can too!