January 29 2017 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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I Did It, You Can Too!

Uri Lorkis

Oak Park, MI

The feeling of crossing the finish line of the Miami marathon running for team Yachad was one like no other. I am not a
runner, and did not really train so much, But what kept me going was the fact that I was running for what I believed in.
When times got tough it gave me a good chance to reflect on the reasons why I was running in the first place. The
moment I crossed the finish line was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was the completion of a long journey of
fundraising and running for an organization that I love, and that is like family to me. When I crossed that finish line I
thought of everyone else running for inclusion and everyone else running b’yachad to reach their goals of love and
inclusion for all, and truly felt complete.

Kyra Fischer

Denver, CO

When I saw the finish line ahead of me I couldn’t believe I had completed 13 miles. I knew that I had to show that I
was still filled with my Yachad spirit so me and two of my friends sprinted to the finish line. We crossed holding hands
and showing that we really do run ‘hand in hand’. The best feeling was to know that I accomplished a great goal of
mine, but also ran for Team Yachad! It was the best experience of my life so far!

Mike Gilbert

Chicago, IL

The sense of accomplishment that you get after months of training when you cross the finish line is one of the greatest
feelings in the world.

Lee Gherman

Flushing, NY

While my legs may not agree, crossing the finish line of the half marathon felt unbelievable. Accomplishing a goal that
I have been training for weeks is something truly special; but what made it even greater was that I knew I was part of
something bigger and running as part of team – Yachad. After experiencing an entire weekend seeing people and
families who benefit from the OU and Yachad, crossing the finish line makes you feel that you are part of the same
mission. Thank you Yachad for an unforgettable experience!

Batya Sarna

New York, NY

I was very tired and almost about to stop running. But than I saw other Team Yachad members running with braces or
people pushing wheelchairs. I remembered why I chose to run for Yachad: to help people who have to struggle every
day to do things that come easy to me. If they could put the amount of effort I was putting in every day, I could do it for
one. Passing the Yachad tent was an amazing boost of energy that carried me through the end.

Aili Lafer

Chicago, IL

Crossing the finish line was an incredible feeling. Knowing that something I had never thought I could do was done.
Yachad is my life and it pushes me to my limits and it’s incredible. I had the biggest smile on the second I crossed that
finish line. I knew at that moment that I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

Esther Klein

Toronto, ONT

It feels incredible crossing the finish line just knowing you did it with an amazing organization that you see does
fantastic things and for yourself. It’s a true self accomplishment that makes you feel extremely proud and on a real life
high. Just those two aspects makes you feel like a million dollars. You spent the last few months collecting money,
working out and then you’re finally complete, is something that makes you very emotional and proud.

Judah Gomberg

Flushing, NY

The coach said it very well. Running with Yachad is much bigger than just running a race. When you look around at
the starting line, during the race, and at the finish line, and you see so many Yachad shirts around you remember that
you didn’t do this just for yourself. You did it for a great cause. You realize that everyone there is aware of the great
work you’ve done for so many people, and you’ve done it by accomplishing something great for yourself as well. I’m
humbled and honored to continue to be part of this great cause.

Shira Hochberg

Teaneck, NJ

Crossing the finish line was empowering. Crossing the finish helped me realize that if I can endure and complete a half
marathon, as a mother of 5 children with no prior race experience, then I have the strength to endure life’s
unexpected challenges.

Amanda Parker

Englewood, NJ

Words cannot explain how I felt when I crossed the finish line. I had been training and imagining that moment and
what it would be like for months. However, it was so much better than I ever thought it would be. To see the amazing
Yachad supporters waiting to congratulate me was the icing on the cake!