Team New Jersey Yachad/Mendel Balk Center

Team New Jersey Yachad/The Mendel Balk Center is a group of dedicated individuals who are inspired to help make a difference in our community! We are training for half and full marathons and welcome all those who want to change the world with us!

Our fundraising efforts are going to support our local New Jersey Yachad chapters, which provide supports and services every day to individuals with special needs and their families. Some of our services include Adult Day Programs, The Mendel Balk evening social center, vocational training, summer programs, sibling support and more.

Everything we do is about inclusion and making sure that Everyone Belongs.

Join our team and be inspired!


  • Zvi Rudman - $5000.00
  • Joseph & Florence Appleman - $1000.00
  • Bruce & Toby Simon - $72.00
  • Ezra & Hannah Schneck - $1500.00
  • Josh Hain - $360.00
  • Stanley Goldstein - $250.00
  • Murray Leben - $180.00
  • Ami Avroham - $50.00
  • Janet Hod - $180.00
  • Mendy & Dina Gold - $500.00
  • Anonymous - $180.00
  • Ruth Hartstein - $180.00
  • Avi and Ravital Korn - $1000.00
  • Anonymous - $5000.00

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community..

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