Team Kruger

Ilana is back for her second Miami Half Marathon with Team Yachad! She can't wait to represent New England Yachad again, this time with her father Yaacov Kruger! Yaacov is excited to support his daughter’s work for New England Yachad. Together we will be raising funds for our year-round programming in New England that serves so many people. This father-daughter duo is ready to complete the Half Marathon together for inclusion. See you in Miami!


  • Ellen Pantel - $40.00

    Go Team Kruger!! This is a great cause and I'm proud to be a sponsor for my family!

  • Phil Kruger - $50.00

    Go team Kruger!!!

  • Hope & Noah Alper - $54.00

    Good luck in raising money for this worthy cause!

  • Tziril Kruger - $160.00

    Go Ilana & Abba!!!! I`m cheering u on!

  • Ken and Abby Colen - $36.00

    Great cause!

  • Hilary Feldman - $36.00

    Glad to help sponsor.

  • Anonymous - $180.00

    Go Team Kruger!! So proud of you!

  • Liz (and Elisabeth) Coolidge - $180.00

    Go Team Kruger! Cheering you on! Liz and Elisabeth

  • David Neiburg - $100.00

    Tizku l'mitsvos. Haslacha raba.

  • Anonymous - $55.10
  • Y.S. Ackerman - $18.00

    May your efforts on behalf of others be a zchus for you and your loved ones.

  • Yaakov Finkelstein - $18.00

    Go Krugers!!!!

  • Sheldon and Chaya Spirn - $36.00

    Let’s go Krugers! And let’s go Yachad! With a “D” at the end!!

  • Binyomin Bernstein - $50.00

    Hatzlocho! Binyomin and Devorah Bernstein

  • Joel Worthman - $18.00

    Good luck!

  • Aaron Kaminas - $50.00

    Can’t wait to party at your wedding! Good luck on the race for now!

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community..

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