January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Team IVDU Boys

Although it seems like just about everyone is doing a marathon these days, we write to you for your support not for myself, but for some of the most influential and inspiring teenagers we have ever had the privilege of meeting.


IVDU is not your typical school, as we focus on much more than academic growth.  Each student at the IVDU Upper School participates in a vocational training program, a life skills program, and a social skills course, in addition to engaging in English, Science, Social Studies, and Math.


With all the hard work they put in each day, the IVDU administration decided to add one more challenge to the mix.  We wanted “our students ” to participate with TEAM YACHAD in the the Miami Marathon in January 2018.


You might be asking yourself why would we do such a thing.  But we ask you, why wouldn’t we?  Marathon participation requires teamwork, dedication, commitment, and discipline.  Marathon participation provides a sense of inclusion in something much bigger than any one person can do individually, it promotes a sense of accomplishment, of achievement, and finally, it gives each student an opportunity to say, “yes. I can” instead of “no, I can’t.”


Since we’ve told the students about this opportunity, the school hallway has been abuzz and the energy in the school has been uplifting.  Not a day has gone by since the students  have begun collecting sponsors for TEAM IVDU that wehave not been greeted with the excited banter of students who have successfully been working toward reaching their own personal fundraising goals.   So, as we began this letter with, these teenagers inspired me.  By their motivation.  By their dedication.


So we are asking you to support these students, letting them know that you’re impressed by them too.  That you support their efforts.  we ask you, therefore, to not only support my fundraiser efforts, but to let these kids know (by including a comment on the donation page) that you’re proud of them, and that you believe THEY CAN DO IT.   A donation of any amount, along with a supportive and encouraging message, will really get this point across.


On behalf of the students of the Marilyn David IVDU Upper School, thank you for your support… and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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  • Ira & Noga Rudowsky $72.00
  • Proud Moments OT Therapy PLLC $1250.00
  • Hannah Cowan $54.00

    To the best marathon runners out there, You continue to inspire me even though I don't get to see you everyday now... Hatzlachah and keep making us proud with your amazing achievements! Go team ivdu! -Mrs Cowan :)

  • Anonymous $18.00

    In honor of Yaakov Kahn

  • Daniel Klugman $50.00

    In honor of Yaakov Kahn who is doing a great job helping out IVDU! Continued Hatzlacha

  • Anonymous $18.00

    In memory of my parents and in honor of Yaakov Kahn

  • Anonymous $18.00

    In honor of Yaakov and Chaim Kahn

  • Yocheved Adelman $18.00

    In honor of Yaakov Kahan who is so proud of his mother’s hard work!

  • Jack Reiss $180.00
  • Malky Weiss $54.00
  • Shloime Mermelstein $50.00
  • Daniel Hollander $300.00
  • cherim room 103A, 102B where the printer always works $36.00
  • Rochi & Zvi Raskin $100.00

    In honor of Nitti Heineman. GO NITTI! And Go IVDU!! Rochi & Zvi

  • Klein Mendy $180.00

    In honor of Suchie Klein

  • Edna Parker $100.00

    In honor of Suchy Klein and team IVDU boys

  • Sarah Horovitz Spiegel $50.00

    In honor of our amazing boys and their devoted teachers. You're the best!!

  • Shimmy Nabozny $118.00

    Good luck everyone!

  • Metropolitan Commercial Bank $750.00
  • Daniel Gershon Klugman $360.00