January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Team Emunah

Emunah and her mother, Marla, are running a half marathon in January to raise money and awareness for Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilities, in honor of Emunah's upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  We will be running hand in hand for Disability Inclusion; please support us!

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  • Rosa Katz $100.00

    We love your Mom too , but are donating in your honor because you're the coolest ! Love , Rosa & Barry

  • Shmuel and Rivka Samel $180.00
  • Jasinski Family $100.00
  • The Kotler Family $36.00
  • Naftali Rottenstreich $36.00
  • Jessica and Ephraim Morris $50.00
  • Eliezar Family $36.00

    Good luck and mazal tov on becoming bat mitzvah!

  • Tova & Jeremy Renna $500.00

    Go Marla and emunah!

  • Daniel and Carol Metzger $5000.00
  • Emma Rapfogel $36.00

    Go Emunah! Your so proud of you! From, Emma

  • Michelle and Robert Schanzer $100.00
  • Sophie Simcha $36.00
  • Miryam and Robert Block $18.00
  • Rosa and Barry Katz $36.00
  • Sima Milgraum $40.00
  • Dan and Robyn Black $36.00
  • Heather and Marc Gable $18.00
  • Jacob Kader $180.00
  • Anonymous $80.00
  • Jeffrey Korbman $250.00

    I'll give you more if you do not visit and interrupt my work.

  • Cherie Chelst $36.00
  • Batya Jacob $36.00

    You go girl!

  • Leon & Sharon Glaser $36.00
  • Rebecca Smith $18.00

    Go Marla!!

  • Dan Metzger $1300.00
  • Sara Chazin-Donaldson $50.00

    Hatzlacha to Marla and Emunah on running this half marathon...very exciting and for a worthy cause!

  • Team Yachad $1000.00

    Best of luck Marla!!!! This is a token of our appreciation for all you do for Yachad every day.

  • Anna Lis $9.00

    Thank you for taking time and empowering future bosses at LCW today. Thank you so much for all you do for Yachad. I gain so much from being a Yachad advisor, and I know it wouldn't be feasible without people like you! Thank you from my soul. I cannot wait to run b'yachad! Hazlacha to you and your daughter!!! Anna Lis

  • Anonymous $180.00

    Go Marla Go

  • Rebecca Esses $5.00

    Go Yachad!

  • Gail Spinner $36.00
  • Sumita O\'Neill $36.00