Yoel Kramer

Hey! I’m so excited to be running with Team Yachad in the Miami Marathon this upcoming January! Please support me as I fundraise for this incredible organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Yachad allows every individual to have a role, a voice, and a home in our Jewish communities, because everyone belongs!
Yachad’s diverse services include: social programming for all age groups; counseling services for individuals and families; weekend retreats; extensive parent support services; sibling services; vocational training and job placement; professional advocates and case managers; summer camps for members of all ages; special needs yeshivas; shabbat programs; Day Habilitation programs; Israel Birthright trips for persons with mobility and/or special learning needs; social skills development; lobbying for pro-disability legislation on the local, state, and federal levels; high school and university leadership program.
Join me in my racing journey and cheer me on through Yachad’s social media on Instagram (@TeamYachad) and Facebook (facebook.com/TeamYachad/)
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  • Anonymous - $300.00

    GO YOEL , YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonya hirth - $100.00

    So proud of you Yoel!

  • Anonymous - $25.00

    Good luck, Yoel

  • Sarah Adler - $18.00

    Good luck Yoel!

  • Moshe Bain - $150.00

    Hatzlacha Yoel! You found a new way of running to do a mitzva!

  • Baruch Lovett - $36.00

    Hatzlocha. I hope you are matzliach. All the best. Baruch Lovett

  • duvi and sima klein - $36.00

    Go Yoel! Hatzlacha!

  • Dovid & Shifi Bloom - $50.00

    Go Yoel!!

  • Anonymous - $72.00


  • Moshe and Suri Lazar - $50.00

    Go Yoel!!! So proud of you!!!

  • Tamara Maslow - $25.00
  • Esther Kranczer - $36.00

    Yoel.. we’re so proud of you!!! Love, The Kranczers

  • Pessel Steinberg - $18.00

    Good luck

  • philip hirth - $54.00

    Go Yoel we are so proud of you Love the Bayswater Hirth's

  • Miriam Feiertag - $36.00

    Yoel Kramer is #1

  • Shifra Kramer - $150.00
  • H&C Hirth - $36.00

    Run Yoel run ! H&C

  • Bina Zaiman - $54.00

    Go Yoel Go!!! Higher and Higher!!! We are so proud of you! Eric and Bina Zaiman

  • Ayelet Attias - $72.00

    Good luck. What a beautiful thing! May you continue to run for mitzvot always Avi and Ayelet Attias

  • Brenda Hirth - $36.00
  • Bonnie and Barry Septimus - $50.00

    Go Yoel!!

  • Sam Hirth - $250.00
  • Judith Dube - $50.00

    Go Yoel!!! The Dubes

  • Rachel Hirth - $36.00
  • Lara Friedman - $36.00

    Go Yoel go!!!

  • Yitz and Kendra Hirth - $50.00
  • Evelyn and Moish Hirth - $100.00

    Go Yoel! You've almost reached your goal. Now you're total raised starts with a 2!

  • Shifra Zeiler - $18.00

    Go Yoel go!

  • Shifra Kramer - $50.00

    Yoel just like you RUN towards mitzvos. Run to the finish line So proud of you Love Dovid

  • Leah Kramer - $75.00

    Come on Yoel you can do it, put a little power to it!!!!!

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    Hatzlocha! Keep making your parents proud!

  • The awesomest Ruthie!!!! Your number one fan! - $8.00

    Hooray for Yoel, you can do it!

  • Faige Cohen - $18.00

    Yoel- you’re the best! Love your fans in Clifton N.J.

  • Chesky and Shira Kramer - $36.00
  • Anonymous - $100.00

    Go Yoel!

  • Shmaryahu & Dvora Weinberg - $25.00


  • Mayer Kramer - $100.00

    Yoel - You make us so proud of you! Kramers in FR!

  • Chananya Grinberg - $50.00

    So proud of you.Haztzlacha!

  • Shaindy Brown - $50.00

    Go Yoel! You’re awesome! Shaindy & Eli Brown

  • Tzvi Rubin - $36.00

    good luck, Yoel!

  • Miriam Gerassi - $180.00

    So proud you are running in the marathon Hatzlacha David & Miriam Gerassi David’s famous pizza David

  • Alice Feltheimer - $18.00

    We are so proud of you! Naomi Nadata and Alice Feltheimer

  • Mirel Krasner - $18.00

    Go Yoel go

  • Joseph Kohler - $75.00

    Good luck Yoel! Joseph and Libby Kohler

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community.

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