January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Jackie Schlanger

For the sixth time in seven years (having taken a break last year), I will be running as member of Team Yachad in the Miami Marathon (and once again I expect to be the "second oldest member"). Over that period-thanks to the generosity of many of you- I raised over $25,000 and I am hoping to continue the support. This is my way of giving back to an extraordinary organization that has given so much to us and the Jewish community as a whole and to publicly demonstrate our hakaros hatov.
Yachad-the National Jewish Council for Disabilities-is part of the OU and has been a part of our lives for many years now (I think Tamar joined when she was less than 10 years old-ie it's now 20+ years) and we-especially Tamar-have benefitted from them in many, many ways. As many of you know, Tamar recently got married to Chaim Goldman, a fellow Yachad member who she met many years ago at Yachad’s Good Sports program. Besides the shabbatons that you may be familiar with, Yachad also has summer programs, day hab and other vocational programs , acts as a clearinghouse for needed information, arranges conferences for the lay and professional communities, advocates for the disabled community, and provides many other needed services. Tamar is now working at Yachad’s New York offices four days a week as a fully employed office assistant, utilizing the life and job skills she learned while attending Yachad’s day-hab program. In previous years she worked at the Yachad Gifts office, at YU's Central HS for Girls in Queens and at Carlo's and Gabby's restaurant in Flatbush. She also worked in Camp Mesorah this past summer as part of the Yachad vocational program. For over 30 years Yachad has been tirelessly raising our consciousness and advocating for the inclusion of the disabled into the community and into activities that many of us take for granted. We would not know what to do without them.
The picture is from Tamar’s wedding. The wedding itself was a vivid demonstration of Yachad’s core mission-inclusion and participation in life's daily activities in all of its forms.
You can contribute on line from the direct link, ,or,if you prefer by mailing to me or dropping off a check payable to Team Yachad at home (1285 Fayette St/Teaneck 07666) or to Yachad-NJCD/11 Broadway-13th floor/New York, NY 10004 Attn:Team Yachad. Please mark on the check that it is for my sponsorship. "V'kol hamarbe , harei ze meshubach."
I am very aware of the donor fatigue issue and I appreciate your support.
Thank you/shkoach and tizku l'mitzvos.

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  • Anonymous $36.00
  • Cheskel & Suri Spitzer $50.00

    It is people like yourself and Esther who show us the way

  • Blimie and Yoiny Freedman $50.00

    Glad you're on the run again! You're an inspiration, best of luck!

  • Ezra and Ilisa Cappell $100.00

    Go Jackie! It is our honor to contribute to the incredible work you are doing. We are cheering you on from El Paso! We are inspired by your commitment, determination, and love for the Jewish community. Tizku L'Mitzvos!

  • Anonymous $54.00
  • Mordecai Soloff $180.00

    Continue doing your big Mitzvah

  • yehoshua & bayla burnstein $50.00

    Many returns

  • michael & Annette Kirschner $180.00

    Thanks for the opportunity. Michael&Annette Kirschner

  • Tirza and Ariel Bayewitz $180.00

    We're so proud that you continue to put us all to shame with your running. Good luck! Tirza, Ariel, Nesya, Moshe and Sammy

  • Jenny and Duvie N $100.00
  • Carol & Michael Alpern $50.00
  • Stuart Rothschild $180.00
  • Allan Rosenberg $100.00
  • Helen and Manny Adler $250.00

    Go Jackie! Helen and Manny

  • Effie Richmond $50.00

    Using an electric scooter doesn't count as running the marathon, but all joking aside, keep up the great work!! Rena and Effie

  • David and Susan Rosenbaum $100.00

    Run like you have the runs!!!

  • Leon Miller $100.00

    Maybe you should bring your bike it might be easier. All the best.

  • samson bechhofer $36.00

    Roedelheim to Roedelheim

  • Eric distenfeld $180.00

    Mazel Tov 2x

  • David & Bryna Malitzky $100.00
  • saul bodenheimer $180.00
  • Percy Deift $100.00

    Go team Tannersville! Best, Percy and Rebecca

  • Lianne Forman $100.00
  • Sheah & Henny Brander $36.00

    Hatzlacha Rabbah

  • Joanne Goldstein $36.00
  • Beverly and Andy Geller $50.00

    יישר כחך

  • Fran and Arnie Rochwarger $50.00

    Good Luck ! We know you can still do it! Your classmates Fran and Arnie Rochwarger-

  • Howard & Slyvia Wang $18.00
  • Arthur & Barbara Greenberg $100.00
  • Abe & Debora New $100.00
  • Norman Sohn, MD, MBA $100.00
  • Myril & David Zomick $36.00

    Run, Jackie, run. See Jackie run.

  • Barry Frank $50.00

    Best of luck Jackie!

  • Tzipora & Menahem Meier $100.00
  • Israel & Nechama Polok $180.00
  • Jennifer and Jay Nadelbach $100.00
  • Elliott Gutman $100.00

    In honor of your special couple, Tamar & Chaim Goldman. Good Luck! Elliott & Breinie Gutman

  • Francine Cappell $25.00

    Keep up your training to continue fundraising for such a worthy cause - Yachad Fran

  • Claire & Jack Feigenbaum $72.00
  • Aaron Laub Memorial Foundation $500.00
  • Michael & Penny Kaplan $36.00

    Hatzlacha. Michael and Penny

  • Anonymous $54.00

    Go Jackie!

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Sylvia and Alan Schoffman

  • Jonah & Shana Schmidt $36.00
  • Simcha and Nikki Schlanger $54.00
  • Esther & Jackie Schlanger $36.00

    One of us will run and the other will cheer.

  • Etan Mirwis $54.00
  • Robby and sari Schiff $72.00

    Go Jackie inspiring!

  • marcy goldstein $72.00

    Go Jackie Go ! you can get up any hill !

  • Sarah and Yoni Abenaim $118.00

    Keep going... you are inspiring!

  • Jay and Linda Goldmintz $100.00

    GO Jackie GO! So excited you are dooing it again. Jay and Linda

  • Michael Miller $180.00

    Jackie - - Make believe that there are kasha blitzes with mushroom sauce waiting for you at the end of the run! B'haztlacha!!

  • F & E Breslau $36.00
  • jay richman $50.00

    great learning with you !!

  • David Wesrich $180.00
  • Mark and Sara Grinfeld $500.00
  • Florence & Stanley Fischman $36.00
  • Doris and Leonard Eis $500.00
  • David Gellman $50.00

    Go Jackie go!!! The Gellman Family

  • Ronnie and Miriam Schlanger $150.00

    We're rooting for you to cross the finish line in a vertical position!

  • Michael Richmond $100.00

    never too late :) Susan and Michael

  • Kenneth & Zitta Bander $100.00