Daniela Ben-Arie

Here I go again for a 2nd year(if you do not count all those years I still woke up to volunteer at the water tables, as an active Yachad South Fla. participant.
Thank you if you sponsored me last year. Would love you to sponsor again this year, Please.
Can't wait for January 29th


  • Diana & Oded Ben-Arie - $360.00

    So excited that you decided to do it again! Let's go girl! Love Ima and Aba

  • Roberta Shapiro - $54.00

    Good for you!!

  • Abel & Fana HOLTZ - $500.00

    Love, Fana & Abel

  • Moshe & Bluma Schneider - $36.00

    Go Daniela!! So proud of you! I admire your determination and passion for Yachad. Keep giving everyone nachas! We love you!!!

  • Cole Clancy - $100.00

    You are going great things, Daniela! Congratulations and happy training! Your friend, Cole

  • DALE KING - $25.00

    Daniela, I'm so proud of you. Love, Dale

  • Diana and Jack Kahn - $54.00

    Good for you, Daniela!! You are amazing!

  • Estela Berry - $25.00
  • Aliza Beilin - $180.00

    Go, Daniela, Go!!! We are so proud and excited, and we love training with you! Love, Aliza, Yehuda, and Logan

  • Karen Beilin - $100.00

    Good luck making it to the finish line. Karen and Yaakov Beilin

  • Aaron and Tammy Attias - $100.00


  • Rebeca & Isaac Sklar - $72.00
  • Anonymous - $25.00

    Go Daniela!!! You're gonna rock this race!

  • Jack Levine - $100.00

    Go Daniela, You are a winner. Best of luck .

  • Rosita Boruchin - $500.00

    Babi loves you and wishes you the "Best"

  • - $700.00

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community.

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