January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Michael Gilbert

This will hopefully be my 4th trip to Miami and I could not be more excited. When I first decided to sign up shortly after my Yad B' Yad trip back in 2014, I didn't think that I'd be capable of something such as raising money for an awesome organization such as Yachad, much less running a half marathon for them. I first got into Yachad here in Chicago back in late 2008, early 2009 because of my twin sister Charlotte because I thought it looked fun ( and also because I was little jealous of her ), but I didn't realize it was so much more than just having fun on Shabbatons and summer programs; my first Shabbaton was in March of 2009 and from there the rest is history.

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  • Anonymous $180.00

    Go get 'em!

  • Anonymous $10.00

    good luck!

  • Aryeh Lichtman $180.00

    Wish I could be there with ya!

  • Aaron Kaminas $18.00

    You're a rock star!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot Cohen $22.00

    Thank you for all that you do for YACHAD and Klal Yisroel!

  • Anonymous $18.00

    Hatzlacha Rabba!

  • Efrem Popel $10.00

    Good Luck Michael!

  • Ethel Bartky $36.00

    Keep on running- Jack Bartky and his family

  • noemy and skidelsky $18.00

    kol hakavod! noemy and oren skidelsky

  • David Rosenberg $25.00


  • Debra & Ira Clair $25.00

    Good luck, Michael!!

  • william russman $36.00

    Good luck, Michael!

  • Anonymous $36.00

    Good luck man!!

  • Sharon & Seymour Gertz $100.00

    We are proud of your efforts on behalf of Yachad. Sharon & Seymour Gertz

  • Debra Cardash $10.00
  • Nechemia Gershman $125.00
  • Oneg Food Inc. $1250.00
  • Sophie Frankenthal $50.00
  • Daniel K $50.00
  • Erez Kaissar & Shmuel Horowitz $10.00
  • Chuck Allen $50.00

    Chuck and Crafty Beaver are proud of you Michael!

  • Nechemia Gershman $100.00

    Go Michael

  • Anonymous $409.00
  • Anonymous $180.00