January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Adina Arnet

I'm running 13.1 miles for inclusion for the second time! Being involved with Yachad for the past 4 years has changed my life. I learn each and every day how to lead a more inclusive life and how to prove to the world that everyone belongs. Now is my chance to give back to Yachad all I have gained from them. Running Team Yachad in Miami for inclusion is one way I can send Yachad's message across the world. Yachad's message is the following: no matter who you are, and what your diffabilities (different abilities) are, you have so much to offer to the world. Everyone is special and different in his or her own unique ways. Being an ambassador of inclusion gives me purpose and a reason to smile each and every day. Help me reach my goal of $2,500 to help Yachad inspire the people of the future through incredible events ands shabbatonim!

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  • Sandra Cagan $100.00

    Go Adina!

  • Ray Friedman $50.00

    keep up the good work Adina

  • Elliot Cohen $22.00

    Thank you for all that you do for YACHAD and Klal Yisroel!

  • Friedman Estelle $50.00

    All the best Adina!!! Run like the wind! Love you, Auntie Stellie