January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Solomon Youssoupov

Hi everyone this is Solomon I'm a proud member of team Yachad and I would like to say that I'm going to be running my sixth half marathon with Yachad the mission of getting disability kids to join the organization that will support them all the way in life and that is why I want you to support those kids in sponsoring me as I will hopefully run my sixth consecutive half marathon for this precious kids. Every penny counts can't wait to mention your name in Miami

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  • Anonymous $413.00

    I love you my brother I know this slot but I'm doing it for you and that you should understand that the money is going to Yachad to help those that can't effort to go to shabbatonim and that want to one day be first time runners for a beautiful organization like Yachad so get ready to put a smile on every kid that can't effort to go to shabbatons ect and get ready to feel what it means to go the distance with Team Yachad for the first time ever I'm going to help you out this is for you love you Achi a surprise donor is giving you thank you for always being there for me can't wait to have a blast with you

  • Solomon Youssoupov $413.00

    Mr 305

  • Alegra Arazi $52.00

    With Hashem's help your beloved mother is giving her kids 52 dollars

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Solomon you're the man!!! Best of luck!!

  • Aaron Kaminas $18.00

    Go Shlomo!!!!!

  • Your best Mom Arazi $63.00

    I love you both my wonderful sons have a wonderful time in Miami i I'm am very proud of both of you Hashem should give you both a lot of birachot and so happy to see both of you doing a big mitzvah of helping out and running for this beautiful organization call Yachad go Solomon and Judah

  • Ari Lesser $36.00
  • Yonatan and Liana Kaplan $36.00

    Best of luck! Keep up the great work!!

  • Joey D Bawabeh $500.00

    Go Go Mr 305 Bring Home the Gold !!

  • Brian Inker $15.00

    Good luck! Rooting for you!

  • Jesse Silverman $10.00

    6 years and counting! Wow!

  • Anonymous $75.00
  • Teri and Max Steinberg $100.00
  • Dovid Rapps $18.00

    Have a great time buddy! Good luck with the run and keep up the good work!

  • Your mother and your best brothers Family $126.00

    I love you shlomo my best brother and you are gylow shloshlo and mommy loves you

  • Michal Alge $50.00

    Go Solomon!! Good luck!!

  • M C $18.00
  • Eddie Gindi $200.00
  • Joseph Werzberger $54.00
  • Joey M. Bawabeh $1278.00
  • Anonymous $720.00

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous $36.00
  • Solomon Youssoupov $5.00

    Hashem I love you