Sammy Moscovitch

Hello. My name is Sammy Moscovitch. I am a Junior at Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Skokie, Illinois. I am choosing to run the Miami Half Marathon again this year for my 3rd year in a row to raise money for Yachad. If you didn’t know what Yachad is, it is an organization that is dedicated to the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of life. Yachad also educates and advocates for a greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro disability attitude. In Yachad, we don’t see kids with disabilities; rather we see them with different abilities.
I have been involved in Yachad for over seven years. In 9th grade, I was chosen, to go on a Yachad High School Leadership program in Connecticut. Only seven other kids from the Chicago area were chosen to go. It was there that I was told about running the half marathon to raise money for this great organization. I couldn’t believe that I, at 15 years old, could do something to help people my own age with disabilities. I told my mom how important it was for me to help Yachad and that if I could make a difference for just one kid with disabilities, it would be worth the training. That was my first time running a half marathon but more importantly, the first time that I believed we can all make a difference to help.
After that experience, I immediately signed up for the following year. Unfortunately, last year, I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease in December. I lost about 60 pounds the two months prior to my diagnosis and had a hard time just getting out of bed. My doctor told me that I wouldn’t been strong enough to run a half marathon and I told her that I didn’t care about what treatment I would have to go through, that I would run in Miami in January. I needed to be there because this organization means so much to me.
I made it there, I ran and more importantly I finished with my Yachad friends. I needed them to cheer me on and to support me just like they need me to support them. When I crossed the finish line I was overcome with emotions. This is so important to me and I proved to them and to myself that sickness wouldn’t stop me, and disabilities will not stop my Yachad friends.
I am looking forward to running again in Miami this year and I am setting a high goal for myself to raise money for Yachad. Every amount counts, and if you are willing, your donation would mean the world to me. I hope to raise as much as I can to run and prove to these kids and teenagers that stumbling blocks in life are just another reason to work harder towards your goal.
I hope you can contribute to this amazing organization. You can donate to Yachad through my page. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

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  • Sara Kutliroff - $36.00
  • Amber Mosier - $20.00

    You are an inspiration!

  • Neeli and lyle Sudin - $36.00
  • Josh and Tova Lennon - $100.00

    We're so inspired by your dedication and determination!

  • Jessica Verceles - $20.00

    You’re amazing!

  • Dan Keener - $100.00

    U go Sammy! Show that disease who's boss!!

  • Paula Blumberg - $36.00

    Go, Sammy! So proud of you!

  • Alayna Angus - $36.00

    You are incredible! <3

  • Darlene Piell - $36.00

    So inspiring. You go!

  • Miriam Ament - $36.00
  • Marleen and Mark Steinberg - $50.00

    Run Sammy, run. We love you and are very proud of you!

  • Sharon Swanson - $36.00

    You are an amazing young man!

  • Ezra Jaffe - $100.00

    Go Running Ace!

  • Andrea Weiss - $36.00

    Run Sammy Run!

  • Dana Hunter - $100.00

    Way to go Sammy!

  • The Rosenberg Family - $10.00

    Go, Sammy!!!

  • Audrey &Simi Chavel - $36.00

    Go Sammy! What an amazing accomplishment for a wonderful cause!

  • Emily and Marc Lennon - $36.00

    We are proud of you and inspired by you!! Go, Sammy, Go!

  • yoel Schwartz - $150.00

    you are an inspiration to your entire Cleveland family. go sammy!

  • Anna Moscovitch - $180.00

    Wishing you much success Love and hugs Bubby and Papa

  • Miriam and Dennis Schneiderman - $50.00

    Sammy - So proud of you!

  • Team Cohen - $18.00

    See you in Miami :)

  • Devida Braverman - $36.00

    Your hard work is paying off already as you inspire us all-may you continue to grow in strength and be well! With love from your Braverman cousins<3

  • Elana and Aaron Comrov - $72.00

    Go Sammy! You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Tzvi Abrams - $25.00

    Good Luck!!

  • Gabe Shabat - $100.00

    So proud of you my man!!! Keep on inspiring us the way you do!!!

  • Diana Gelfand - $18.00

    Hi Sammy, I am a friend of your moms. But more importantly, I am a mom of a child that you are representing by running for this cause. So, thank YOU!!

  • Karissa Moy - $20.00

    Good luck in Miami!

  • Dana and rob Chesler - $36.00

    So proud of you Sammy

  • Dana and Eddie Zipperstein - $100.00

    In honor of Sammy Moscovitch for all of the Chesed he is doing.

  • Anonymous - $25.00
  • Lynne Rauser - $25.00
  • Daniel Weiss - $360.00
  • Charlie Moscovitch - $20.00

    Keep running bro

  • David Meiselman - $100.00
  • Joey Greenberg - $5.00
  • Jessica Rine - $36.00
  • Jonathan Bellows - $180.00
  • Steven Miretzky - $50.00
  • Alayna Angus - $18.00
  • Erik & Natalie Moscovitch - $360.00

    3rd time Marathon runner - So proud of you! Love, Mommy & Abba

  • karen bornstein - $36.00
  • Jake Gabay - $52.00
  • Eri Rothner - $10000.00
  • Kenneth & Yael Ripstein - $360.00
  • Josh Legum - $360.00
  • Anonymous - $100.00
  • Anonymous - $18.00
  • Anonymous - $36.00
  • Carole Gaffen - $18.00
  • Paula Blumberg - $18.00
  • Anonymous - $25.00
  • Anonymous - $58.00

    Keep on runnin', Sammy!

  • Marc Carl and Cheryl Diamond Carl - $54.00
  • Anonymous - $500.00

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community.

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