Davi Frank

Hey! I’m so excited to be running with Team Yachad in the Miami Marathon this upcoming January! Please support me as I fundraise for this incredible organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Yachad allows every individual to have a role, a voice, and a home in our Jewish communities, because everyone belongs!
Yachad’s diverse services include: social programming for all age groups; counseling services for individuals and families; weekend retreats; extensive parent support services; sibling services; vocational training and job placement; professional advocates and case managers; summer camps for members of all ages; special needs yeshivas; shabbat programs; Day Habilitation programs; Israel Birthright trips for persons with mobility and/or special learning needs; social skills development; lobbying for pro-disability legislation on the local, state, and federal levels; high school and university leadership program.
Join me in my racing journey and cheer me on through Yachad’s social media on Instagram (@TeamYachad) and Facebook (facebook.com/TeamYachad/)
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  • Judy & Jerry Frank - $75.00

    Drink water,Davi!

  • Judy & Jerry Frank - $25.00

    Adding to our initial pledge !

  • Your Appreciative Friends - $360.00

    Dear Davi and Frank Family, We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us the crazy night of the snow storm. In times of need, people’s true values are revealed, and your’s were revealed as a family willing to do everything to help your friends and your community. You housed almost 20 of us in your home, giving us a place to stay, food, warmth, comfort, and sincere care. We don’t know how this night would have gone without you, and we can not thank you enough for turning a scary and crazy night, into one that we could all be calmed by the presence of our closest friends. We wanted to give back and we thought that donating to a cause that Davi and your family cares so deeply about would be a great way to pass on your amazing act of chessed. Sincerely, Anna, Batya, Brian, Eden, Ella, Eytan I, Eytan S, Jack, Jacob, Josh D, Josh M, Maddie, Maya, Noa, Noam, Ruthie, Sam T, Sam K, and Shai

All proceeds go directly to Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community.

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