January 29 2017 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Danielle Dorfman

Dear Family and Friends,
For the second year, I am proud to be a member of Team Yachad Las Vegas 2017!! Last year, I had an amazing and unforgettable weekend filled with continuous excitement and ruach. Running the Miami half-marathon as a member of Team Yachad truly impacted and influenced me in an amazing way.
For those of you who are not familiar with Yachad, Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilites, is an awesome and inspiring organization that focuses on addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community. Yachad activities and events like the Las Vegas Marathon provide members with opputinites for personal growth and enriched lives. In addition, the 'inclusive design' gives the special population their rightful place within the Jewish community, while also educating our community about the members' abilities and strengths.
Each member of Yachad is truly inspiring, and through Yachad, the Jewish communitiy has become an inclusive place for everyone. For that reason, I am running for the second year, as a member of Team Yachad and I am so excited!
Please help me reach my goal of $3600 which will be given to Yachad. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and thank you so much!!


Thank you and all the best,
Danielle Dorfman Visit my team's page

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  • Ayelet Rosenberg $15.00

    GOOD LUCK DANIELLE!! you're so cool and very proud

  • Lisa and Danny Hirsch $36.00

    Tizku L'Mitzvot! Love the pics:)

  • Barry Kanner $72.00

    Have a great run! Kol hakavod for supporting a wonderful cause. Barry MJ Pamela Joe & Benny

  • Jane Blumenstein $36.00

    You are awesome! Tizku l'mitzvot.

  • Susan Tenenbaum $36.00

    Go Danielle Go! Love, Susan & Billy

  • Faith&Harry Feder $50.00

    Great job!

  • Anonymous $36.00

    We're always happy to support a worthy cause

  • Aviva Walz $10.00

    Go Danielle! I'm rooting for you :-)

  • Elena Maydan $108.00

    Mazel Tov! The Maydan family

  • Edward Pecker $118.00

    Good luck Danielle! Enjoy the experience

  • Stanley Wald $50.00
  • A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds: Gary Spector Fund $100.00
  • Christine Calvelli $75.00

    Have a great run!

  • Weingard Family Salama $100.00

    Dear Danielle, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help in this mitzvah. You and your family are very special. Go Team Danielle!! Sasha, Craig, Sam and Gabrielle Weingard

  • David Schlacht $50.00

    Great cause i hope we can come cheer you on

  • Tom Coghlan $100.00

    Have a great experience for such a great cause. Tom Coghlan

  • Anonymous $100.00
  • Barbara Hoffman $50.00
  • 77 Deerhurst Corp DBD Servco Industries $100.00
  • Wendy Pein $36.00

    B'chatzlacha Danielle! So proud of you!

  • Barbara C Hoffman $50.00
  • Tami Weitzman $36.00

    Good luck! Stay strong!

  • Mindy Dorfman $50.00

    So proud!!

  • Heidi Jaffe $36.00
  • Marjorie Lehman $36.00

    Keep running for good causes, Marjorie and Ari

  • Reagan & Adrian Choi $100.00
  • Leah Fenster $36.00

    I'm so proud of you, Danielle! Good luck!

  • Tamar Hoch $18.00

    Go Danielle!!

  • Perry Finkelman $360.00

    Go Team Dorfman

  • Marco Catalioto MBS Contracting Inc. $200.00

    Good Luck!! Have a wonderful run!!!

  • Tamar Bar-David $100.00

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • Reuben and Laurie Gross $36.00
  • Yakira Bergman $36.00
  • Peter Rosenfeld $100.00

    BJ and i are very proud of you. Peter

  • Julia & Henry Hecker $136.00

    Go Danielle very proud of what u doing Henry & Julia

  • The Berkos $180.00

    Good Job Danielle!

  • Michele Ben-Meir $18.00
  • Vivien Abrams $180.00
  • Lisa Hecker $72.00
  • Arlene Flohr $100.00

    Have a great run!

  • Robert and Melanie Santoriello $100.00
  • Batya Sarna $20.00

    Danielle! I'm SO PROUD of you, you are amazing! Can't wait to cross the finish line with you!!! See you there!

  • The Daube Family $180.00

    Dear Danielle - we are very proud of you. Love Stacey, Michael, & Sarah

  • Shira and David Sandel $100.00

    Best of luck!

  • Renee and Vincent Vaccaro $100.00
  • Aaron and Laura Shaw Frank $18.00

    Go Danielle Go!

  • David Chutter $72.00

    Good Luck on your run for an amazing cause

  • Abby Marcus $50.00

    Time to prepare for next year's race! Very proud!

  • Michael and Liora Stein $180.00