January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Dani Bergman

As some of you may know, I’ve become an avid runner over the past four years. What once started as a hobby has become an integral part of my life. Running is something you can do anywhere and anytime. All you need is a pair of sneakers and a strong-will. Running is my escape after a long day. It is my method of self-improvement, both physically and mentally.

Since 2013, I have completed two marathons and eight half-marathons as well as countless other races.

This January, for the first time, I will, G-d willing, race the Miami Half-Marathon with Team Yachad. As always, I will continue to set aggressive training goals for myself. This time, however, I am adding a new goal, raising money for a cause I believe in.

As such, I am setting a fundraising goal of $3,600, and am asking for your help to support both me and Yachad. Your gift will positively impact the lives of so many Yachad members whether it be through Shabbatonim, summer programs, vocational training or other worthwhile programs. By giving to Yachad, you will help thousands of individuals with disabilities live as included and productive members of their communities.

Please join me in supporting Yachad to ensure that so many can have access to key services so they can continue to lead productive lives with the respect they deserve. You can sponsor me online, or if you choose to mail a check, please use the following address:

Yachad Miami
11 Broadway, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Thank you, in advance, for your considerate support.

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  • Anonymous $36.00
  • Anonymous $118.00


  • Jerome and Linda Gans $250.00
  • Anonymous $10.00
  • Laura Weissberger $54.00

    Wish I could be at your side, but will be cheering you on from NYC! Your dedication inspires me.

  • Sherry Perlman $100.00

    Proud to sponsor your participation in this important mission.

  • Jeffrey Feder $50.00

    Go get 'em!!

  • Anonymous $18.00
  • David & Fran Rosenberg $50.00

    Behatzlachah, Dani! David and Fran

  • Bryan Lipsky $18.00

    Go Dani!

  • Team Yachad $1000.00

    Best of luck Dani!!!! This is a token of our appreciation for all the work you do for Yachad every day.

  • Assaf and Rikki Cohen $118.00

    Go Dani!

  • Jennifer and Jay Nadelbach $180.00

    Go, Dani, go!

  • Josh Nadelbach $180.00
  • Dale and Marlene Bergman $250.00
  • Molly McEwan $20.00

    Go Dani!

  • Anonymous $180.00

    Go Dani! We are so proud of you!

  • Anonymous $10.00
  • Jessica Smerling $36.00
  • Jeffrey Feldman $247.00

    Go get em!

  • George and Muriel Klein $100.00
  • Atara Sheinson $100.00

    GO DANI GO!!!

  • Jonathan & Brooke Gans $15.00

    Congrats on your marathon Dani Gans, and happy Chanukah! Love JG & BP

  • Jordana, Asher & Austin Tanenbaum $100.00
  • Daniel Simon $100.00
  • Simcha and Nikki Schlanger $54.00
  • Marlene and Dale Bergman $100.00

    Go Dani!

  • Steve & Ruthy Mandel $100.00

    Go Dani!

  • Anonymous $36.00

    Go Dani!

  • Running Out of New Words Donor $5.00
  • Jeffrey Feder $100.00
  • Arthur Bodek & Eva Fishman $50.00
  • Anonymous $50.00
  • Miriam and David Bodek $54.00
  • Brenda Cohen $50.00
  • Anonymous $180.00
  • Hildy R. Zonis $65.00
  • Gutierrez Bergman Boulris, PLLC $250.00
  • Ariyel Squared $50.00

    good luck!

  • Anonymous $90.00
  • Melissa Czinn $18.00
  • Batya Jacob $36.00

    You inspire me

  • Gideon Black $250.00
  • Bryan Lipsky $18.00
  • Anonymous $60.00

    Tizku lemitzvos!!