January 28 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion
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Ari Ziegler

Having worked at the OU for over 4 years now, I've got to see first hand the behind the scenes work that goes into Yachad's amazing programming. They truly work tirelessly so that everyone feels that they belong.

This will be my 4th(!) time running with Team Yachad in Miami and raising the necessary charity so that Yachad can continue to do the amazing work they're known for.

As most of you who've helped me raise the money in the past know, I like to give you something a little extra for your donation, so this year I'm reviving the Cartoons for a Cause Campaign!

What does this mean? Well, it means that you donate a minimum of $36.00 to my donation page and describe anything, in ten words or less in the personal message box, and then:
1) I will draw whatever your ten words describe in a custom work of art in my signature style.
2) You will get eternal glory as a donor to only the second Cartoons for a Cause Campaign.
3) You will get the immense merit of having supported an amazing cause like Yachad.

So what are you waiting for? The opportunity to do good and commission a custom work of art is right at your fingertips. And I can't wait to see what you guys think up this year! (You can see our last campaign's artwork here: )

Thanks in advance and may the merit of your charity be multiplied twenty-fold!

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  • Paulette G $36.00

    A retriever on a diving board eating ice-cream.

  • Yoni Jaski $36.00

    Good Luck! The flintstones on Sukkos

  • Shlomo Halberstam $36.00

    Chassidish Rick & Morty

  • Melanie & Ben Goldberg/Silver $36.00

    Because cheese. And BDS. And rubber bands. And more cheese. (Now we expect some surprise artwork for our new home!)

  • Yaakov Bressler $25.00

    Draw: A clash of magic and government.

  • Daniellla Karimzadeh $36.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Anonymous $18.00

    Good luck

  • Michelle Hershkowitz $36.00

    a band of five fictional female superheroes (be creative)

  • Flo Salinas $36.00

    A boy climbs a tree on the day of his Bar Mitzvah.

  • Rivka Bondar $36.00

    Shark Tank and Kedem Tea Biscuits

  • Lily Yastrab $36.00

    Good luck!

  • Nathan Namdar $38.00

    An Elephant riding a skateboard, on half pipe. Good Luck!!

  • Shira Epstein $108.00

    The Tortoise and the Hare in modern time.

  • Jacob Lieberman $54.00
  • Simona Trembitsky $36.00

    Peace and Love on earth

  • Eytan Birenbaum $50.00

    I want a zebra and a hippo sitting in a plane in the sky :)

  • Gwen Ziegler $180.00

    Delectable dessert display of my dreams

  • Talia and Eitan Cohen $50.00

    A turtle on a giraffe's head looking for pomegranates.

  • Andrew Hershkowitz $50.00

    A Patriotic Keurig despondent over recent events

  • Ahuva meystel $50.00

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Nat Squared $36.00

    Elephants ball room dancing

  • Mordy and Sarah Moskovitz $50.00

    Best of luck man. The 4 seasons competing for first place.